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Student Assistant position available (40 hrs/month) for Bachelor and Master students

News from Jun 25, 2021

Student Assistant position available (40 hrs/month) for Bachelor and Master students

One student assistant positions (40 hrs/month) is available to work on the project "Switching antigens by the exchange catalyst HLA-DM" in the group of Prof. Christian Freund. Peptide loading of classical MHC molecules for T cell surveillance is catalyzed by the non-canonical HLA-DM protein. Editing of immune peptidomes by HLA-DM is critical for autoimmunity as well as T cell responses against a pathogen. In this project, we ask how HLA-DM itself is regulated, for example by post-translational modifications or inhibition by HLA-DO. The project is embedded in the Collaborative Research Center TRR186 "Molecular switches in the spatiotemporal control of cellular signal transmission" (Heidelberg-Berlin), so we will work closely with the Theoretical Biology group of Thomas Höfer (DKFZ) to develop mathematical models of antigen exchange in reduced systems and cellular settings. By doing so, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of how adaptive immunity is controlled by critical intracellular processes.


To gain mechanistic insights, structural biology methods will be used and complemented by cellular experiments in combination with mass spectrometry. Work required for this includes, but is not limited to, cell culture of mammalian cells, various biochemical methods such as thermal shift assay, peptide exchange assay and ELISA, protein expression and purification, and sample preparation and measurement for FACS and nano-LC-MS/MS.

Requirements/ desirables:

Minimum of 4 completed university semesters (Bachelor) in biochemistry, biology or related subjects. Willingness to actively engage in an ongoing research project with commitment. Supervision by experienced staff is guaranteed. Good knowledge of the English language. Ability to work reliably and independently in a collaborative environment. Good organizational and documentation skills. Knowledge/experience in mass spectrometry of proteins. Knowledge/experience in protein expression and purification. Successful participation in the method modules: "Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry / Proteomic Analysis", LVNr: 216404a/b and "Molecular Immunology", LVNr: 216602 is desirable but not mandatory.

Please apply to: steffen.daehn2@fu-berlin.de with your CV and a short letter of motivation stating reference Freund_A21N.

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