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Sergio Ávila Calero

Sergio Ávila Calero

Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity

University of Münster

Doctoral student

s_avil01 [at] uni-muenster [dot] de

Thesis topic: The interaction between reproduction and immunity

2015-present Doctoral student, University of Münster, Germany
2007-2014 Studies in Biology (Licenciatura), Faculty de Ciencias Puras y Naturales, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia
  • Piacentini LN, Calero SL, Perez ME, Grismado CJ (2013) The first palpimanid spiders from Bolivia: Two new species of the genus Othithops MacLeay, and the female of Fernandezina pulchra Birabén (Araneae: Palpimanidae: Otiothopinae). Zootaxa 3619: 491-500. Link