Head of the Group and Office

Lab Manager and Technical Assistants


Graduate Students

Ridvan Kiral M.S.

Graduate Student

Charlotte Wit M.S.

Graduate Student


  • Dr. Marco Schubert, former Postdoctoral Fellow,
  • Neset Ozel, former Graduate Student,
    now PostDoc with Claude Desplan
  • Deyan Dzhurov, former Student Helper
  • Marion Langen PhD, former Postdoctoral Fellow,
    now PostDoc with Altschuler/Wu Lab at UCSF
  • Ossama Khalaf MS, former Masters Student,
    now PhD student at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Chih-Chiang Chan PhD, former Postdoctoral Fellow,
    now Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University
  • W. Ryan Williamson PhD, former Graduate Student,
    now Postdoc at Janelia Farm, Laboratory Dr. Card
  • Adam Haberman PhD, former Assistant Instructor,
    now Assistant Professor at University of San Diego
  • Sunil Mehta MD PhD, former Resident and Research Fellow,
    now at UCLA with Dr. Larry Zipursky