Schuster Group - Molecular Biology of Plant Organelles

Institute of Biology

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 6
14195 Berlin
Prof. Wolfgang Schuster
(030) 838 54345
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After independent organisms have merged several times, the genetic information in plant cells is distributed between the cell nucleus, mitochondrions and chloroplasts. Cell organelles still contain remnant genomes from their predecessors, while the main part of the genetic information is located in the cell nucleus. To understand how the regulation between the organelles within the plant cells is coordinated, the research group led by Privatdozent Dr. Wolfgang Schuster is investigating the various processes in organelle biogenesis. One main focus of the research is directed to the genetic information transfer from the organelles to the cell nucleus. The group’s other research fields investigate such areas as how transcription regulation is aligned between the cell nucleus and organelles as well as mitochondrial ‘splicing’ and the process of RNA editing.