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Workshop "UZH – FUB - UK Virtual Workshop on Radiochemistry and Imaging Science"

19.02.2021 | 08:20

"TUZH – FUB - UK Virtual Workshop on Radiochemistry and Imaging Science"

When: February/19 2021

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Friday, February/19

08:20 10 Welcome Abram, Alberto, Holland

Chair Jason Holland

08:30 20+5 Robin Bolliger, PhD Student, UZH Alberto

Fully Solvated, Monomeric ReII Complexes: Insights into the Chemistry of Re(NCCH3)6]2+

08:55 15+5 Guilhem Claude, PhD Student, FUB Abram

Broadened scope and potential medical application of technetium isocyanides thanks
to terphenyl moieties.

09:15 10+5 Jonas Genz, MSc student, FUB Abram

Mixed isocyanide complexes of technetium

09:30 20+5 Annabelle Mattern, PhD Student, UzK Wickleder

Nanos in a Nutshell: Exploring Hot 99mTc Labelled Gold Nanoparticles

09:55 15 Coffee Break

Chair Roger Alberto

10:10 20+5 Manuel Besmer, PhD Student, UZH Alberto

Coordination Chemistry of small molecules with 99Tc pincer-type complexes

10:35 15+5 Anna Grunwald, PhD Student, FUB Abram

One metal, one Ligand, seven oxidation states: Tc complexes with the Kläui-Ligand

10:55 15+5 Simon Klingler, UZH Holland

ALISI – Automated Light-Induced Synthesis of 89Zr-Labelled Antibodies for Immuno-PET

11:15 15+5 Domenik Nowak,, PhD Student, FUB Abram

Thionitrosyl complexes of Rhenium and Technetium

11:35 15+5 Raphael Lengacher, PhD Student UZH Alberto

Fast and Easy modifiable Scaffolds for Radioprobe Development

11:55 Lunch Break

Chair Ulrich Abram

12:45 20+5 Bruna Possato, Postdoc, FUB Abram

Chagas Disease and the role of coordination compounds as antiparasitc agents

13:10 15+5 Joshua Csucker, PhD Student, UZH Alberto

Applications of the Rhenium Bis-Arenes: From Bioinorganic Chemistry to Catalysis

13:30 15+5 Rachael Fay, PhD Student, UZH Holland

Sortase mediated conjugation and 89Zr-radiolabelling of the G3-DARPin for in vivo
PET imaging of the HER2/neu receptor in BT-474- xenografts

13:50 20+5 Federico Salsi, Postdoc, FUB Abram

Rhenium and Technetium complexes with fluorinated thiosemicarbazones and mterphenyl isocyanides

14:15 20+5 Amaury Guillou, Postdoc, UZH Holland

Light induced antibody conjugation for immuno-PET

14:40 15+5 F. d'Orchymont, PhD Student, UZH Holland

Supramolecular chemistry as a multi-modality platform for radiotracers design

15:00 Coffee Break

Chair Erik Strub

15:10 20+5 Max. R. Jungfer, PhD student, FUB Abram

[Tc(OH2)(CO)3(PPh3)2]+ and [Tc(SMe2)(CO)3(PPh3)2]+ as synthons

15:35 20+5 Lukas Siebenmann, MSc Student, UZH Alberto

Tuning the Coordination Mode of Benzene in [Re(η6-C6H6)2]+ by Metal-Mediated Hydrogen Migration

16:00 15+5 Qaisar Nadeem, Post Doc, UZH Alberto

Direct 99mTc labelling strategies for arene comprising drugs and challenges for synthesis of analogues Re-complexes

16:20 15+5 Jose Esteban Flores, PhD student, UZH Holland Synthetic methodologies toward fibroblast activation protein inhibitors and radiolabelling with 68Ga, 64Cu or 89Zr

16:40 Closing