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Mikrosymposium "Technetium: Chemistry and Applications" am 22./23. Januar 2019

22.01.2019 | 09:00

The International Year of the Periodic Table.     

Microsymposium "Technetium: Chemistry and applications of the first artificial element"

When: January/22 and January/23 2019

Where: Fabeckstr. 34/36, Room U601

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Tuesday, January/22

9:00, Ulrich Abram, FU Berlin

Welcome and opening remarks


9:15, Alexander Miroslavov, St. Petersburg State University

Technetium pentacarbonyl halides: ambient pressure synthesis, chemical properties and possible medical application


9:45, Coffee break


10:45, Arush Agrawal, FU Berlin

The discovery of technetium

11:15, Roger Alberto, University of Zurich

Technetium arenes and their potential use in imaging procedures


14:00, Jens Peter Fürste, FU Berlin

The “Science Campus Dahlem”, a historical tour


16:00, Alexander Miroslavov, St. Petersburg State University

Hydrolysis of the technetium hexacarbonyl cation in aqueous solutions


17:00, Federico Salsi, FU Berlin

Isonitrile complexes of technetium


17:20, Clemens Scholtysik, FU Berlin

Phenylimido complexes of technetium and rhenium


Wednesday, January/23

9:00, Alexander Miroslavov, St. Petersburg State University

Reactivity of higher technetium carbonyls in CO replacement: A quantum chemical analysis


10:00, Domenik Nowak, FU Berlin

Technetium(III) complexes



10:20, Coffee break


10:40, Carlos Rojas Dotti, University of Valencia

Technetium(IV) complexes


11:00, Ricardo Gonzalez, Universidad de la República de Uruguay, Montevideo

Magnetic properties of Re(IV) and Tc(IV) compounds


12:00, Anna Grunwald, FU Berlin

Nitrido complexes of technetium


12:20, Guilhem Claude, FU Berlin

Technetium complexes with bulky isocyanides and phosphinines


12:40, Abdullah Abdulkader, FU Berlin

[Tc(NO)(cp)(PPh3)Cl] and its reactions


13:00, Ulrich Abram, FU Berlin

Concluding remarks