6. Writing the thesis

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Either a cumulative work or a monograph can be submitted. As a general rule, both must be comparable in terms of type and scope.

In the case of a cumulative work, all publications should already be accepted by the publisher since the thesis submitted by you is an examination service. Therefore the publications have to be published in the submitted version. There are no regulations regarding the number of publications or the impact factors.

For more information about creating a cumulative work, see here.

Please note, it is not permitted to use the logo of Freie Universität Berlin on your work!

I. the correct order according to  § 5 (5):


1. page: cover sheet


to obtain the academic degree
Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.)

submitted to the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy
of Freie Universität Berlin




from (birthplace)


year of submission


2. page:

Please name the time period, supervisor and institute of your doctorate studies


1st Reviewer: _____________________
2nd Reviewer: _____________________

1 reviewer must be research active in one of our departmental research areas
1 reviewer has to be a full professor in our department

date of defence: ____________ (please keep open)


3. page:  acknowledgment (if requested)


The order from point 4 to 10 is  only a recommendation


4. Directory


5. Thesis


6. Summary in German and English (3000 characters each)


7. Bibliography


8. List of publications

In case of a cumulative word: The doctoral student is obliged to present his or her part in the conception, execution, and preparation of the report in detail


9. CV (if requested; you are free to remove the CV before the publication at the university library)


10. Appendix


II. Typeface (line distance/formatting

The font should be not less than 10 pt (most people use „Times New Roman“ or „Arial“).

The recommended line distance is 1 ½. . The margin ca. 2,5 - 3 cm.

Unilateral and bilateral printing is accepted. Sheet size: DIN A4


III. Binding The thesis has to be bound non-varying.


IV. Submission:
Please submit 3 copies of your thesis and (if existing) 3 off prints or copies of your publications (which stand in context with your thesis)