5. Processing

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As a rule, the dissertation should be submitted within three years and the proceedings finished within four years (the prescribed period of time for the work). You will find the end of the time frame on your admission.

If a doctoral student takes longer than the prescribed period of time for the work described, he or she must submit a confirmation from the doctoral board to the student administration that indicates the present status of the doctoral work and the expected amount of time still needed.

In order to get the requested confirmation please submit two month before this time has elapsed
an application for extension of doctoral project.

If the reason for the prolongation of the regular processing time is maternity leave or parental leave, please use the application for an extended period of maternity leave and parental leave. The promotion committee will decide about the extension.

If a change of supervisor is to be carried out, the application for a change of supervisor must be submitted without delay to the doctorate office. The doctoral board has to check if they can support the application.