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TSLP is a direct trigger for T cell migration in filaggrin-deficient skin equivalents

Wallmeyer, L., Dietert, K., Sochorova, M., Gruber, A. D., Kleuser, B., Vavrova, K. and Hedtrich, S.

Sci Rep | 2017

Stratum corneum targeting by dendritic core-multishell-nanocarriers in a mouse model of psoriasis

Pischon, H., Radbruch, M., Ostrowski, A., Volz, P., Gerecke, C., Unbehauen, M., Honzke, S., Hedtrich, S., Fluhr, J. W., Haag, R., Kleuser, B., Alexiev, U., Gruber, A. D., Mundhenk, L.

Nanomedicine | 2017

Data-based modeling of drug penetration relates human skin barrier function to the interplay of diffusivity and free-energy profiles

Schulz, R., Yamamoto, K., Klossek, A., Flesch, R., Honzke, S., Rancan, F., Vogt, A., Blume-Peytavi, U., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Ruhl, E., Netz, R. R.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | 2017

Alkaline Poly(ethylene glycol)-Based Hydrogels for a Potential Use as Bioactive Wound Dressings.

Koehler J., Wallmeyer L., Hedtrich S., Brandl F.P. and Goepferich A.M.

J Biomed Mater Res A | 2017

Formulation and ex vivo evaluation of polymeric nanoparticles for controlled delivery of corticosteroids to the skin and the corneal epithelium

Balzus, B., Sahle, F. F., Honzke, S., Gerecke, C., Schumacher, F., Hedtrich, S., Kleuser, B., Bodmeier, R.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2017

NHE1 expression at wound margins increases time-dependently during physiological healing

Haverkampf, S., Heider, J., Weiss, K. T., Berneburg, M., Karrer, S., Schreml, S. and Haubner, F., Ettl, T., Schreml, J., Hedtrich, S., von Susskind-Schwendi, M., Dissemond, J.

Exp Dermatol | 2017

Biocompatibility and characterization of polyglycerol-based thermoresponsive nanogels designed as novel drug-delivery systems and their intracellular localization in keratinocytes

Gerecke, C., Edlich, A., Giulbudagian, M., Schumacher, F., Zhang, N., Said, A., Yealland, G., Lohan, S. B., Neumann, F., Meinke, M. C., Ma, N., Calderon, M., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Kleuser, B.

Nanotoxicology | 2017

Intradermal drug delivery by nanogel-peptide conjugates; specific and efficient transport of temoporfin

Zabihi, F., Wieczorek, S., Dimde, M., Hedtrich, S., Borner, H. G., Haag, R.

J Control Release | 2016

Rhamnolipids form drug-loaded nanoparticles for dermal drug delivery

Muller, F., Honzke, S., Luthardt, W. O., Wong, E. L., Unbehauen, M., Bauer, J., Haag, R. Hedtrich, S. Ruhl, E. Rademann, J.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2016

Ethyl cellulose nanocarriers and nanocrystals differentially deliver dexamethasone into intact, tape-stripped or sodium lauryl sulfate-exposed ex vivo human skin - assessment by intradermal microdialysis and extraction from the different skin layers

Doge, N., Honzke, S., Schumacher, F., Balzus, B., Colombo, M., Hadam, S., Rancan, F., Blume-Peytavi, U., Schafer-Korting, M., Schindler, A., Ruhl, E., Skov, P. S., Church, M. K., Hedtrich, S., Kleuser, B., Bodmeier, R., Vogt, A.

J Control Release | 2016

pH-Modulating Poly(ethylene glycol)/Alginate Hydrogel Dressings for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds

Koehler, J., Wallmeyer, L., Hedtrich, S., Goepferich, A. M., Brandl, F. P.

Macromol Biosci | 2016

Core-multishell nanocarriers: Transport and release of dexamethasone probed by soft X-ray spectromicroscopy

Yamamoto, K., Klossek, A., Flesch, R., Ohigashi, T., Fleige, E., Rancan, F., Frombach, J., Vogt, A., Blume-Peytavi, U., Schrade, P., Bachmann, S., Haag, R., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Kosugi, N., Ruhl, E.

J Control Release | 2016

Development of biodegradable hyperbranched core-multishell nanocarriers for efficient topical drug delivery

Du, F., Honzke, S., Neumann, F., Keilitz, J., Chen, W., Ma, N., Hedtrich, S., Haag, R.

J Control Release | 2016

Specific uptake mechanisms of well-tolerated thermoresponsive polyglycerol-based nanogels in antigen-presenting cells of the skin

Edlich, A., Gerecke, C., Giulbudagian, M., Neumann, F., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Ma, N., Calderon, M., Kleuser, B.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2016

Influence of the skin barrier on the penetration of topically-applied dexamethasone probed by soft X-ray spectromicroscopy

Yamamoto, K., Klossek, A., Flesch, R., Rancan, F., Weigand, M., Bykova, I., Bechtel, M., Ahlberg, S., Vogt, A., Blume-Peytavi, U., Schrade, P., Bachmann, S., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Ruhl, E.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2016

Tailored dendritic core-multishell nanocarriers for efficient dermal drug delivery: A systematic top-down approach from synthesis to preclinical testing

Honzke, S., Gerecke, C., Elpelt, A., Zhang, N., Unbehauen, M., Kral, V., Fleige, E., Paulus, F., Haag, R., Schafer-Korting, M., Kleuser, B., Hedtrich, S.

J Control Release | 2016

Influence of Th2 Cytokines on the Cornified Envelope, Tight Junction Proteins, and ss-Defensins in Filaggrin-Deficient Skin Equivalents

Honzke, S., Wallmeyer, L., Ostrowski, A., Radbruch, M., Mundhenk, L., Schafer-Korting, M., Hedtrich, S.

J Invest Dermatol | 2016

Thermosensitive dendritic polyglycerol-based nanogels for cutaneous delivery of biomacromolecules

Witting, M., M. Molina, K. Obst, R. Plank, K. M. Eckl, H. C. Hennies, M. Calderon, W. Friess and S. Hedtrich

Nanomedicine | 2015

The effect of endothelialization on the epidermal differentiation in human three-dimensional skin constructs - A morphological study

Khiao In, M., L. Wallmeyer, S. Hedtrich, K. C. Richardson, J. Plendl and S. Kaessmeyer

Clin Hemorheol Microcirc | 2015

Interactions of hyaluronic Acid with the skin and implications for the dermal delivery of biomacromolecules

Witting, M., A. Boreham, R. Brodwolf, K. Vavrova, U. Alexiev, W. Friess and S. Hedtrich

Mol Pharm | 2015

Recent advances in topical delivery of proteins and peptides mediated by soft matter nanocarriers

Witting, M., K. Obst, W. Friess and S. Hedtrich

Biotechnol Adv | 2015

Stimulation of PPARalpha normalizes the skin lipid ratio and improves the skin barrier of normal and filaggrin deficient reconstructed skin

Wallmeyer, L., D. Lehnen, N. Eger, M. Sochorova, L. Opalka, A. Kovacik, K. Vavrova and S. Hedtrich

J Dermatol Sci | 2015

Selective Probing of the Penetration of Dexamethasone into Human Skin by Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy

Yamamoto, K., R. Flesch, T. Ohigashi, S. Hedtrich, A. Klossek, P. Patoka, G. Ulrich, S. Ahlberg, F. Rancan, A. Vogt, U. Blume-Peytavi, P. Schrade, S. Bachmann, M. Schafer-Korting, N. Kosugi and E. Ruhl

Anal Chem | 2015

Feasibility study for intraepidermal delivery of proteins using a solid microneedle array

Witting, M., K. Obst, M. Pietzsch, W. Friess and S. Hedtrich

Int J Pharm | 2015

Synthesis of multiarm star copolymers based on polyglycerol cores with polylactide arms and their application as nanocarriers

Adeli, M., Namazi, H., Du, F., Hönzke, S., Hedtrich, S., Keilitz, J., Haag, R.

RSC Advances | 2015

Impact of structural differences in hyperbranched polyglycerol-polyethylene glycol nanoparticles on dermal drug delivery and biocompatibility

Kumar, S., N. Alnasif, E. Fleige, I. Kurniasih, V. Kral, A. Haase, A. Luch, G. Weindl, R. Haag, M. Schafer-Korting and S. Hedtrich

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2014

Improving topical non-melanoma skin cancer treatment: In vitro efficacy of a novel guanosine-analog phosphonate

Ali-von Laue, C., C. Zoschke, N. Do, D. Lehnen, S. Küchler, W. Mehnert, T. Blaschke, K. D. Kramer, J. Plendl, G. Weindl, H. C. Korting, D. Hoeller Obrigkeit, H. F. Merk and M. Schäfer-Korting

Skin Pharmacol Physiol | 2014

Penetration of normal, damaged and diseased skin--an in vitro study on dendritic core-multishell nanotransporters

Alnasif, N., C. Zoschke, E. Fleige, R. Brodwolf, A. Boreham, E. Ruhl, K. M. Eckl, H. F. Merk, H. C. Hennies, U. Alexiev, R. Haag, S. Küchler and M. Schäfer-Korting

J Control Release | 2014

Influence of Hyaluronic Acid on Dermal Drug Delivery of Biomacromolecules and the Underlying Mechanism

Witting, M., Boreham, A., Brodwolf, R., Vavrova, K., Alexiev, U., Friess, W., Küchler, S.

submitted | 2014

Filaggrin deficiency leads to impaired lipid profile and altered acidification pathways in a 3D skin construct

Vávrová, K., Henkes, D., Sochorová, M., Školová, B., Strüver, K., Witting, M., Friess, W., Schreml, S., Meier, R. J., Schäfer-Korting, M., Fluhr, J. W. and Küchler, S.

J Invest Dermatol | 2014

Increased cutaneous absorption reflects impaired barrier function of reconstructed skin models mimicking keratinisation disorders

Eckl, K. M., G. Weindl, K. Ackermann, S. Küchler, R. Casper, M. R. Radowski, R. Haag, H. C. Hennies and M. Schäfer-Korting

Exp Dermatol | 2014

Identification of direct and indirect social network effects in the pathophysiology of insulin resistance in obese human subjects

Henning, C. H., N. Zarnekow, J. Hedtrich, S. Stark, K. Turk and M. Laudes

PLoS One | 2014

Luminescent dual sensors reveal extracellular pH-gradients and hypoxia on chronic wounds that disrupt epidermal repair

Schreml, S., R. J. Meier, M. Kirschbaum, S. C. Kong, S. Gehmert, O. Felthaus, S. Kuchler, J. R. Sharpe, K. Woltje, K. T. Weiss, M. Albert, U. Seidl, J. Schroder, C. Morsczeck, L. Prantl, C. Duschl, S. F. Pedersen, M. Gosau, M. Berneburg, O. S. Wolfbe

Theranostics | 2014

Polyglycerol coatings of glass vials for protein resistance

Hoger, K., Becherer, T., Qiang, W., Haag, R., Friess, W. and Küchler, S.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2013

Opioid modulation of peripheral inflammation and wound healing.

Stein, C. and Küchler, S.

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences | 2013

Lyophilization of synthetic gene carriers

Kasper, J. C., Küchler, S. and Friess, W.

Methods Mol Biol | 2013

Formulation development of lyophilized, long-term stable siRNA/oligoaminoamide polyplexes

Kasper, J. C., Troiber, C., Kuchler, S., Wagner, E. and Friess, W.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2013

Cytoprotective effects of opioids on irradiated oral epithelial cells

Charbaji, N., Rosenthal, P., Schäfer-Korting, M. and Küchler, S.

Wound Repair Regen | 2013

Comparison of four different particle sizing methods for siRNA polyplex characterization

Troiber, C., J. C. Kasper, S. Milani, M. Scheible, I. Martin, F. Schaubhut, S. Küchler, J. Radler, F. C. Simmel, W. Friess and E. Wagner

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2013

A thermosensitive morphine-containing hydrogel for the treatment of large-scale skin wounds

Heilmann, S., Küchler, S., Wischke, C., Lendlein, A., Stein, C. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Int J Pharm | 2013

Targeting inflammation and wound healing by opioids

Stein, C. and Küchler, S.

Trends Pharmacol Sci | 2013

Reconstructed skin models as emerging tools for drug absorption studies

Kuchler, S., Struver, K. and Friess, W.

Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol | 2013

Surfactant free preparation of biodegradable dendritic polyglycerol nanogels by inverse nanoprecipitation for encapsulation and release of pharmaceutical biomacromolecules

Steinhilber, D., Witting, M., Zhang, X., Staegemann, M., Paulus, F., Friess, W., Küchler, S. and Haag, R.

J Control Release | 2013

Morphine metabolism in human skin microsomes

Heilmann, S., Küchler, S. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Skin Pharmacol Physiol | 2012

Peripheral opioid effects on inflammation and wound healing

Stein, C. and Küchler, S.

Curr Pharm Design | 2012

Deregulated ephrin-B2 signaling in mammary epithelial cells alters the stem cell compartment and interferes with the epithelial differentiation pathway

Kaenel, P., Antonijevic, M., Richter, S., Küchler, S., Sutter, N., Wotzkow, C., Strange, R. and Andres, A. C.

Int J Oncol | 2012

Morphine stimulates cell migration of oral epithelial cells by delta-opioid receptor activation

Charbaji, N., Schäfer-Korting, M. and Küchler, S.

PLoS One | 2012

Magnetic Drug Targeting as New Therapeutic Option for the Treatment of Biomaterial Infections

Obermeier, A., Küchler, S., Matl, F. D., Pirzer, T., Stemberger, A., Mykhaylyk, O., Friess, W. and Burgkart, R.

J Biomater Sci Polym Ed | 2012

Physico-Chemical Characterization of siRNA Polyplexes: Size and Stability

Troiber, C., Kasper, J. C., Milani, S., Scheible, M., Schaubhut, F., Martin, I., Küchler, S., Rädler, J., Simmel, F. C., Friess, W. and Wagner, E.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2012

Hallmarks of atopic skin mimicked in vitro by means of a skin disease model based on FLG knock-down

Küchler, S., Henkes, D., Eckl, K. M., Ackermann, K., Plendl, J., Korting, H. C., Hennies, H. C. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Altern Lab Anim | 2011

3D-wound healing model: influence of morphine and solid lipid nanoparticles

Küchler, S., Wolf, N. B., Heilmann, S., Weindl, G., Helfmann, J., Yahya, M. M., Stein, C. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

J Biotechnol | 2010

SLN for topical application in skin diseases--characterization of drug-carrier and carrier-target interactions

Küchler, S., Herrmann, W., Panek-Minkin, G., Blaschke, T., Zoschke, C., Kramer, K. D., Bittl, R. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Int J Pharm | 2010

Influence of nanocarrier type and size on skin delivery of hydrophilic agents

Küchler, S., Abdel-Mottaleb, M., Lamprecht, A., Radowski, M. R., Haag, R. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Int J Pharm | 2009

Nanoparticles for skin penetration enhancement--a comparison of a dendritic core-multishell-nanotransporter and solid lipid nanoparticles

Küchler, S., Radowski, M. R., Blaschke, T., Dathe, M., Plendl, J., Haag, R., Schäfer-Korting, M. and Kramer, K. D.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2009

Influences of opioids and nanoparticles on in vitro wound healing models

Wolf, N. B., Küchler, S., Radowski, M. R., Blaschke, T., Kramer, K. D., Weindl, G., Kleuser, B., Haag, R. and Schäfer-Korting, M.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2009