Pharmacist Kay Strüver

Kay Strüver

PhD Candidate


Development and Characterization of In Vitro Models for Filaggrin Associated Skin Diseases

Filaggrin mutations contribute to different common skin diseases such as ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic dermatitis but its overall impact is still not fully understood. The main focus of the research is to further understand the function of filaggrin and the effect of filaggrin mutations on the skin using 3D skin constructs. Particularly the interplay between filaggrin and other pathways contributing to the maintenance of the skin are under investigation. Additionally, new cultivation methods for 3D skin models in e.g. bioreactors are developed and characterized in order to improve the growth conditions and barrier properties of the in vitro models.

  • K. Vávrová, D. Henkes, K. Strüver, M. Sochorová, B. Školová, M. Witting, W. Friess, S. Schreml, R. J. Meier, M. Schäfer-Korting, J. W. Fluhr, S. Küchler: Filaggrin deficiency leads to impaired lipid profile and altered acidification pathways in a 3 D skin construct. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, in press, 2013
  • S. Küchler, K. Strüver, W. Friess; Reconstructed skin models as emerging tools for drug absorption studies. Expert Opin Drug Metab. Toxicol., 2013.