Pharmacist Stefan Hönzke


Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Freie Universität Berlin

PhD Candidate

Field of Activity

In Vitro Disease Models – Test Platform for the Investigation of Nanocarrier Related Transport, Activity and Toxicity of Drugs

Address Königin-Luise-Str. 2+4
14195 Berlin
Telephone + 49 30 838 53293

Project C02 CRC1112: In Vitro Disease Models – Test Platform for the Investigation of Nanocarrier Related Transport, Activity and Toxicity of Drugs

The project aims to create 3D skin disease models from human primary cells for in vitro studies of the dermal absorption of nanocarriers and loaded agents as well as for the investigation of the efficacy and tolerability of drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and barrier deficient skin. The impact of the nanoparticles properties on dermal uptake, systemic availability of drugs and local toxicity/irritancy will be assessed.


à funded by SFB1112

Stratum corneum targeting by dendritic core-multishell-nanocarriers in a mouse model of psoriasis

Pischon, H., Radbruch, M., Ostrowski, A., Volz, P., Gerecke, C., Unbehauen, M., Honzke, S., Hedtrich, S., Fluhr, J. W., Haag, R., Kleuser, B., Alexiev, U., Gruber, A. D., Mundhenk, L.
Nanomedicine | 2017

Data-based modeling of drug penetration relates human skin barrier function to the interplay of diffusivity and free-energy profiles

Schulz, R., Yamamoto, K., Klossek, A., Flesch, R., Honzke, S., Rancan, F., Vogt, A., Blume-Peytavi, U., Hedtrich, S., Schafer-Korting, M., Ruhl, E., Netz, R. R.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | 2017

Formulation and ex vivo evaluation of polymeric nanoparticles for controlled delivery of corticosteroids to the skin and the corneal epithelium

Balzus, B., Sahle, F. F., Honzke, S., Gerecke, C., Schumacher, F., Hedtrich, S., Kleuser, B., Bodmeier, R.
Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2017

Rhamnolipids form drug-loaded nanoparticles for dermal drug delivery

Muller, F., Honzke, S., Luthardt, W. O., Wong, E. L., Unbehauen, M., Bauer, J., Haag, R., Hedtrich, S.,Ruhl, E. and Rademann, J.
Eur J Pharm Biopharm | 2016

Ethyl cellulose nanocarriers and nanocrystals differentially deliver dexamethasone into intact, tape-stripped or sodium lauryl sulfate-exposed ex vivo human skin - assessment by intradermal microdialysis and extraction from the different skin layers

Doge, N., Honzke, S., Schumacher, F., Balzus, B., Colombo, M., Hadam, S., Rancan, F., Blume-Peytavi, U., Schafer-Korting, M., Schindler, A., Ruhl, E., Skov, P. S., Church, M. K., Hedtrich, S., Kleuser, B., Bodmeier, R. and Vogt, A.
J Control Release | 2016

Tailored dendritic core-multishell nanocarriers for efficient dermal drug delivery: A systematic top-down approach from synthesis to preclinical testing

Honzke, S., Gerecke, C., Elpelt, A., Zhang, N., Unbehauen, M., Kral, V., Fleige, E., Paulus, F., Haag, R., Schafer-Korting, M., Kleuser, B. and Hedtrich, S.
J Control Release | 2016

Development of biodegradable hyperbranched core-multishell nanocarriers for efficient topical drug delivery

Du, F., Honzke, S., Neumann, F., Keilitz, J., Chen, W., Ma, N., Hedtrich, S. and Haag, R.
J Control Release | 2016

Influence of Th2 Cytokines on the Cornified Envelope, Tight Junction Proteins, and ss-Defensins in Filaggrin-Deficient Skin Equivalents

Honzke, S., Wallmeyer, L., Ostrowski, A., Radbruch, M., Mundhenk, L., Schafer-Korting, M. and Hedtrich, S.
J Invest Dermatol | 2016

Synthesis of multiarm star copolymers based on polyglycerol cores with polylactide arms and their application as nanocarriers

Adeli, M., Namazi, H., Du, F., Hönzke, S., Hedtrich, S., Keilitz, J. and Haag, R.
RSC Advances | 2015

ErbB4 is an upstream regulator of TTF-1 fetal mouse lung type II cell development in vitro

Zscheppang, K., Giese, U., Hönzke, S., Wiegel, D. and Dammann, C.E.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta | 2013