Zinnia Parra-Guillen, PhD

Zinnia Parra Guillen

Institute of Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy & Biochemistry

Freie Universität Berlin

Address Kelchstr. 31
12169 Berlin
Telephone 030-838 50656
Email zinnia.parra[at]fu-berlin.de

Curriculum Vitae




Post-doctoral contract at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Institute of Pharmacy, Freie Universitaet - Prof. Dr. Charlotte Kloft


Post-doctoral contract at the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Navarra (Spain) - Prof. Dr. I. F. Trocóniz

Internship at INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) NUMED-group under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Ribba
10/2009-07/2014 PhD in “PK/PD modelling of therapeutic proteins” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Inaki F. Trocóniz and Dr. Pedro Berraondo López at the University of Navarra (Spain)
09/2008-09/2009 Master in Biopharmacy and Galenic Design at the University of Navarra (Spain)
03/2008-09/2008 Internship at the Department of Practice and Policy, University of London, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ian Bates
09/2003-09/2008 Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Navarra (Spain)

Focus of research

Previous publications


Z.P. Parra-Guillen, P. Berraondo, B. Ribba, I.F. Troconiz.
Modeling tumor response after combined administration of different immune-stimulatory agents.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 346: 432-442 (2013).


Z.P. Parra-Guillen, P. Berraondo, E. Grenier, B. Ribba, I.F. Troconiz.
Mathematical model approach to describe tumour response in mice after vaccine administration and its applicability to immune-stimulatory cytokine-based strategies
AAPS J. 15: 797-807 (2013).


Z.P. Parra-Guillen, A. Janda, P. Alzuguren, P. Berraondo, R. Hernandez-Alcoceba, I.F. Troconiz.
Target-mediated disposition model describing the dynamics of IL12 and IFNγ after administration of a mifepristone-inducible adenoviral vector for IL-12 expression in mice.
AAPS J. 15: 183-194 (2013).


Z.P. Parra-Guillen, J. Fioravanti, J. Medina-Echeverz, C. Gomar, N. Ardaiz, I.F. Troconiz, P. Berraondo.
Kinetic and dynamic computational model-based characterization of new proteins in mice: application to interferon alpha linked to apolipoprotein A-I.
PLoS One 7: e42100 (2012).


J. Fioravanti, J. Medina-Echeverz, N. Ardaiz, C. Gomar, Z.P. Parra-Guillen, J. Prieto, P. Berraondo.
The fusion protein of IFN-α and apolipoprotein A-I crosses the blood-brain barrier by a saturable transport mechanism.
J. Immunol. 188: 3988-3992 (2012).


Z.P. Parra-Guillen, G. González-Aseguinolaza, P. Berraondo, I.F. Trocóniz.
Gene therapy: a pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling overview.
Pharm. Res. 27: 1487-97 (2010).