February 2017

Start or registration for "Grow Your Network"

All employees, students, lecturers and alumni of the BCP department are welcome to register for the competition up from February, 17th.

March 2017

Deadline for registration 13th of March 2017

The registration for Grow Your Network is possible until March, 13th.

Composition of the teams by a comittee

The teams are composed by a comittee in such a way that mainly persons come together who have not been in contact before in order to promote the exchange between the members of the department BCP. However, each participant can choose three favorite team members at registration.

We will inform the teams about their composition on March, 15th.

Kick-Off Event 20th of March 2017

We invite all teams to our kick-off meeting at 3.00 PM in the old library, Takustr. 3
Prof. Julien Bachlier, Institute of Biology, will present together with his colleagues important know-how for planting the planter boxes.
Furthermore you will get an overview of the organization and schedule of the competition.

April 2017

Start of the plant season

The start for planting the boxes is already after the kick-off meeting. Each team will get the planter box which is a euro palet with a stacking frame and filled with the potting soil "TerraBoGa". Further more each team will get equipment and 50 Euro to by plants, decoration material etc. At the first meeting each team invents an individual name for the team. 

Care of the planter box

The team members meet regularly for taking care of the plants. These events promote the technical and personal exchange between the persons. The teams are free to paint and design the boxes in an artistic way. Each month the teams are asked to take a photo of the box, which will be published on the website of "Grow Your Network", in order to follow the progress of the box.

For the presentation of the box at the summer party, each team should make a 3 minutes long movie. The video can be used for the jury evaluation.

July 2017

Summer party including award ceremony on July, 6th, 2017

Now it is getting into the final period of the competition. The jury will decide until June 27th with three teams will win a prize in their category. Also every team can qualify themselve for the prize "Grow Your Likes". Herefor a three-minutes-video needs to be prepared by every team.

August - September 2017

All planter boxes should be maintained by the teams until fading or harvest in autumn.