NMR focuses on structure elucidation and confirmation. Therefore six spectrometers are available ranging from 250 MHz up to 700 MHz resonance frequency form the manufacturers BRUKER and JEOL. The highest possible sensitivity can be obtained using the 700 MHz AVANCE III (BRUKER) which is equipped with a cryoprobe. Additional equipment is available for experiments at variable temperatures and for diffusion ordered spectroscopy.

NMR spectrometers are not open to public use. Routine measurements are carried out using sample changers. Samples have to be submitted in 5mm NMR tubes dissolved in deuterated solvents attached to a submission form. Results (NMR raw data) are sent by email or made available via download from the NMR server. For the most part, processing is left to the customers. The service personal has to be contacted for non routine experiments and samples which require over night scanning.

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