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Manual operation only. Up to ten data sets per user can be kept. Raw data are being converted, transferred to the NMR server, or sent by email.

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Bruker DPX 400

Manual operation only. A HR-MAS unit including z gradient is available.


Equipped with a 16-slot sample changer and an automatically tunable probe, which is also suited for 1H, 19F double resonance and 1H, 19F heteronuclear triple resonance experiments. The spectrometer is open for certain members of the institute's research groups.

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Bruker AVANCE III 500

BRUKER AVANCE 500. Besides a field gradient unit and a 160-slot sample changer, a DOSY probe and corresponding gradient amplifier are also available.


The JEOL ECP500 is equipped with a 16-slot sample changer. With its inverse probe and field gradient unit, the spectrometer is employed for all kinds of two-dimensional experiments.

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Bruker AVANCE III 700

BRUKER AVANCE 700. Manual operation only. Due to its triple resonance cryoprobe (1H, 13C helium temperature, 15N ambient temperature) the spectrometer can be used whenever high sensitivity and resolution are required.

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