Mass Spectrometry

The Core Facility BioSupraMol has three different units for mass spectrometric measurements.

The BioMS unit specializes on protein analysis. Depending on the specific research needs, investigations can be conducted by means of MALDI-MS or LC-ESI MS.

In the SupraMS unit, (bio)organic and metallorganic systems, as well as their precursors, can be analyzed. It is also possible to do gas-phase chemical measurements with our equipment. There are five instruments that are available for use: EI-MS with CI and LIFDI option, GC-MS, UHPLC-ESI-IMS-MS/MS, ESI-FTICR-MS, and HPLC-MS.

The PharmaMS unit provides MS instruments for identification and quantitation of (ultra-)traces of analytes in biological settings. For the analysis two different tandem mass spectrometers are available: ESI-QQQ-MS and ESI-QTOF-MS with UHPLC and SFC frontend.