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Element Analysis

  • Detection of element ions and their isotopic distribution in the range of 7 to 250 Da


  • Determination of metal content in biological and anorganic samples (solid or liquid)
  • Routine analysis of intracellular copper and zinc levels upon nano carrier treatment of cells
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Quantitative proteomic analysis

  • Label-free, chemical and stable isotope labelling (SILAC)

Protein identification

  • including analysis of post-translational modifications (PTMs)

Protein-protein interactions (PPI)

  • Analysis of multi-protein complexes at membranes (membrane scaffolds) often built on inducible and transient protein-protein interactions (PPIs)
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Protein identification

  • Protein identification via peptide mass fingerprint after trypsin digestion in gel and peptide sequencing by a MASCOT database search

Protein characterization

  • Identification of common protein modifications (phosphorylation, acetylation) and
    N- and C-terminal modifications

Protein profiling

  • Analysis of proteins from complex mixtures by SELDI-chip technology
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