Research Seminars

Our group/research seminars take place twice per month, Wednesdays from 2 to 4pm, usually:

  • 1st Wednesday of the month: Presentation seminar, where one of the group member presents his/her recent results in a 15-30 min talk.
  • 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month: Literature seminar, where every group member presents a recent publication (less than 5 min / pers).

A part called "Results seminar" consists in a short update of every group member about their latest results (5 min / pers).
If you want to attend our research seminars, please enquire about registration to or contact directly some of the group members.

For 2017, the schedule will be the following:

DateType of seminarTitle
04.01.2017 Results seminar &
Talk M.Sc. Sebastian Czarnecki:
ATRP vs RAFT of hybrid organic / inorganic copolymers
18.01.2017 Team day
01.02.2017 Results seminar &
Talk M.Sc. Asad Asadujjaman:
Study of UCST-type thermoresponsive polymers
27.02.2017 Literature seminar &
Talk M. Sc. Lena Barnefske:
Self-healing materials based on PDMS
01.03.2017 Results seminar
29.03.2017 Literature seminar &
Talk Dipl.-Chem. Soraya Taabache:
Microfluidic-assisted self-assembly of dendritic amphiphiles
05.04.2017  Dr. Sebastian Hackelbusch Polymer-glass fiber composites
Daniel Braatz Hybrid inorganic/organic block copolymers via RAFT
03.05.2017 M. Sc. Lena Barnefske Self-healing materials based on PDMS
24.05.2017 Literature seminar
07.06.2017 M.Sc. Vahid Ahmadi Soureshjani Synthesis and characterization of novel UCST-type polymers