Research Seminars

Our group/research seminars take place twice per month, Wednesdays from 2 to 4pm, usually:

  • 1st Wednesday of the month: Presentation seminar, where one of the group member presents his/her recent results in a 15-30 min talk.
  • 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month: Literature seminar, where every group member presents a recent publication (less than 5 min / pers).

A part called "Results seminar" consists in a short update of every group member about their latest results (5 min / pers).
If you want to attend our research seminars, please enquire about registration to or contact directly some of the group members.

For the 2nd half of 2017, the schedule will be the following:

DateType of seminarTitle
07.06.2017 M.Sc. Vahid Ahmadi Soureshjani Synthesis and characterization of novel UCST-type polymers
21.06.2017 Literature seminar
19.07.2017 Literature seminar  
02.08.2017 M.Sc.Asad Asadujjaman Hybrid nanoparticles for sensory applications
23.08.2017 Literature seminar
& Talk M. Sc. Vahid Ahmadi
Functional thermoresponsive polymers based on 2,6-diaminopyridine motif with tunable UCST behavior
13.09.2017 B. Sc. Meghna Dabur (extern) Precision polymer synthesis
20.09.2017 Literature seminar 
25.10.2017 Literature seminar
& Talk M. Sc. Lena Barnefske
Self-healing materials based on PDMS
01.11.2017 Dipl.-Chem. Soraya Taabache Microfluidic-assisted self-assembly of dendritic amphiphiles
15.11.2017 Literature seminar
06.12.2017 M.Sc. Sebastian Czarnecki Hybrid organic / inorganic copolymers via RAFT
20.12.2017 Literature seminar