We currently have a:

  • PhD position available to work on “Vesicles as reference materials and minimal cells via micromixer technology” (EN, DE). The candidate must have a master degree either in Chemistry (Chemical engineering), Polymer Science, (Nano)materials Science or a comparable discipline.
  • Summer internship position (3 months) available in the field of polymer chemistry / thermoresponsive polymers.

When positions with secured funding are available, Ph.D. research projects as well as postdoctoral positions, they are usually advertised on the BAM website - job openings or here.
Self-funded students are warmly encouraged to contact me to discuss mutually interesting research projects.
We always encourage applications from highly motivated, intelligent and hard-working students (bachelor and master level) who are interested in an internship or thesis in the field of dendrimer, polymer and/or hybrid organic - inorganic (nano)composite synthesis and characterization.
Poorly written, obscure, and mass-mailed applications will not be considered.