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Research Units

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

The Inorganic Chemistry Unit focuses on coordination chemistry, radiochemistry, fluorine and bioinorganic chemistry and is located at Fabeckstraße 34/36.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Main areas of Organic Chemistry are total synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and dendrimer chemistry. It resides at Takustrasse 3.

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry

Located at Takustraße 3, Physical & Theoretical Chemistry is strong in nanoparticles, fuel cells, EPR spectroscopy at surfaces and the theoretical treatment of large systems.

Chemistry Didactics

Chemistry Education

Chemistry Education at Takustrasse 3 develops concepts for the education of chemistry teachers and investigates teaching and learning environments in science subjects.

Teaching and Study Programs

The institute's chemistry branch is responsible for the following study programs with several hundreds of students. Bachelor programs are three year programs and finish with a bachelor thesis, master programs run for two years with a six-month master thesis usually done in the last term.

  • Bachelor / Master Program in Chemistry

    The chemistry programs provide an in-depth classical chemistry education combining practical and theoretical work with a large selection of courses to choose from in particular in the master program.

  • Bachelor / Master Program for Chemistry Teachers

    The institute is responsible for the chemistry part in the programs of teacher education. The chemistry education unit also provides courses focusing on concepts how to teach chemistry. The bachelor thesis is usually devoted to a chemistry research project, while the master thesis is didactics-oriented.

  • Master Program in Polymer Science

    The polymer science master program is situated at the interface of polymer chemistry and polymer physics and is jointly operated by Humboldt University Berlin, Technical University Berlin, Free University Berlin and the University of Potsdam.