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Selected Original Publications

  •  Voss FK, Ullrich F, Münch J, Lazarow K, Lutter D, Mah N, Andrade-Navarro MA, von Kries JP, Stauber T*, Jentsch TJ* (2014) Identification of LRRC8 heteromers as an essential component of the volume-regulated anion channel VRAC. Science, 344: 634-638. *corresponding authors
  •  Sartelet A*, Stauber T*, Coppieters W, Ludwig CF, Fasquelle C, Druet T, Zhang Z, Ahariz N, Cambisano N, Jentsch TJ, and Charlier C (2014) A missense mutation accelerating the gating of the lysosomal Cl-/H+ exchanger ClC-7/Ostm1 causes osteopetrosis with gingival hamartomas in cattle. Dis Model Mech, 7: 119-128. *contributed equally
  •  Leisle L, Ludwig CF, Wagner FA, Jentsch TJ and Stauber T (2011) ClC-7 is a slowly voltage-gated 2Cl-/1H+-exchanger and requires Ostm1 for transport activity. EMBO J, 30: 2140-2152.
  •  Stauber T and Jentsch TJ (2010) Sorting motifs of the endosomal/lysosomal CLC chloride transporters. J Biol Chem, 285: 34537-34548.
  •  Weinert S, Jabs S, Supanchart C, Schweizer M, Gimber N, Richter M, Rademann J, Stauber T, Kornak U and Jentsch TJ (2010) Lysosomal pathology and osteopetrosis upon loss of H+-driven lysosomal Cl- accumulation. Science, 328: 1401-1403.
  •  Steinberg BE, Huynh KK, Brodovitch A, Jabs S, Stauber T, Jentsch TJ and Grinstein S (2010) A cation counterflux supports lysosomal acidification. J Cell Biol, 189: 1171-1186.
  •  Stauber T, Simpson JC, Pepperkok R and Vernos I (2006) A role for kinesin-2 in COPI-dependent recycling between the ER and the Golgi complex. Curr Biol, 16: 2245-2251.

Selected Reviews

  •  Stauber T (2015) The volume-regulated anion channel is formed by LRRC8 heteromers - molecular identification and roles in membrane transport and physiology. Biol Chem, 396: 975-990.
  •  Stauber T and Jentsch TJ (2013) Chloride in vesicular trafficking and function. Annu Rev Physiol, 75: 453-477.
  •  Stauber T, Weinert S and Jentsch TJ (2012) Cell biology and physiology of CLC chloride channels and transporters. Compr Physiol, 2: 1701-1744.
  •  Wartosch L and Stauber T (2010) A role for chloride transport in lysosomal protein degradation. Autophagy, 6: 158-159.