Dr. Lisa von Kleist

Lisa studied chemistry with emphasis on biochemistry at Göteborg University where she obtained her M.Sc. in 2003. She performed her M.Sc. thesis work at AstraZeneca R&D focusing on the pharmacological characterization of metabotropic glutamate receptors. She continued at AstraZeneca as a scientist in the ion channel group where she contributed to research projects involving the biology and pharmacology of ion channels and their role in disease.

In 2006, she started a Ph.D. with Prof. Volker Haucke working on clathrin mediated endocytosis. During her Ph.D., she identified novel small molecule inhibitors (termed pitstopsTM) that selectively interfere with clathrin binding. The work was published in Cell in 2011.

After her Ph.D., Lisa started as a senior scientist at caprotec bioanalytics GmbH to work on target identification of small molecules using capture compound mass spectrometry (CCMS). She joined the group of Dr. Tobias Stauber as a Postdoc in 2015 where her main research interest is to elucidate mechanisms of calcium homeostasis in mammalian cells.




Address Thielallee 63
Room 129
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 838-70988
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