Postdoc in BMP signal transduction / mechanotransduction

Our group is working on the BMP and TGFβ signal transduction pathway in the context of tissue differentiation and regeneration. The current focus of research is to unravel the impact of diverse mechanical stimuli on BMP/ TGFβ signaling in cells of the vascular and musculoskeletal system. For this purpose we also intensely study the role of the cytoskeleton and the extracellular matrix for mediating mechanical and biochemical signals. We apply manifold biochemical, molecular and cell biological as well as imaging methods to study receptor-linked molecular processes in detail.

In line with this project the BMP/TGFβ receptors and associated signaling proteins shall be analysed at the molecular level using high-resolution imaging. Follow-up major projects will be elaborated by means of research grants. As important contribution to the external representation of the lab, scientific editorial issues including writing of research manuscripts and review articles have to be handled. Further, teaching in the biochemistry (bachelor and master) study course shall be supported within the module `lipids and membranes´.

We are looking for skilled and dedicated candidates as soon as possible who should have completed university studies in the area of biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, with a doctor´s degree in biochemistry, biology, or molecular medicine.

Experience with teaching in the area of biochemistry, supervision of bachelor/ master projects is required as is know-how of different microscopy techniques, cell culture and molecular biology work. Further, database evaluation and scientific writing and presentation skills (publications, grant writing in English language) are required. Desirable is own past experience with microscopy, cell biology, membrane receptors, and signal transduction (substantiated knowledge on BMP/TGFβ signaling) as well as with scientific writing. Independent publication record and scientific presentations as well as successful acquisition of third-party funding should be verified.

Please send your applications to:

Katharina Hoffmann, AG Prof. Knaus

katharina.hofffmann (at)

Institut für Chemie und Biochemie

Thielallee 63, 14195 Berlin