Dr. Caroline Zanchi

Caroline Zanchi

Rolff Group - Evolutionary Biology

Institute of Biology

Freie Universität Berlin


Address Königin-Luise-Straße 1-3
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 838-54692
Fax +49 30 838-461356
Email caroline.zanchi@fu-berlin.de

January 2013 - present: Post-doctoral research associate, Freie Universität, Berlin.

October 2009 - October 2012: PhD in Evolutionary Ecology: "Evolutionary ecology of the trans-generational immune-priming in an insect" , supervised by Yannick Moret & Jérôme Moreau at the university of burgundy, Dijon. Available here.

2003 - 2009: Bsc, Msc in Biology, University of Picardy Jules Verne, Amiens. Final year (Master II) research project: "Effects of the environmental temperature on the parasitic success of the parasitoidic wasp Asobara tabida in its hostDrosophila melanogaster", supervised by Aude Couty, Géraldine Doury & Geneviève Prevost.

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- Zanchi, C., Troussard, J-P., Moreau, J., Moret, Y. 2012 Relationship between maternal transfer of immunity and mother fecundity in an insect. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 279, 3223-3230.

- Zanchi, C., Martinaud, G., Troussard, J-P., Moreau, J., Moret, Y. 2011 Differential expression and costs between maternally and paternally derived immune priming for offspring in an insect. Journal of Animal Ecology 80, 1174-1183.

- Moreau, J. Martinaud, G. Troussard, J-P., Zanchi, C., Moret, Y. 2012 Trans-generational immune priming is constrained by the maternal immune response in an insect. Oikos 121, 1828-1832.