PD Dr. Renate Radek

Renate Radek

Rolff Group - Evolutionary Biology

Institute of Biology

Freie Universität Berlin

Group Leader

Address Königin-Luise-Straße 1-3
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 838-56373
Fax +49 30 838-461356
Email rradek@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Study of Biology, Diploma Thesis, Ph.D. Thesis, Habilitation

1979 – 1985

Diploma Study of Biology, University of Bonn

Diploma Thesis, University of Bonn, Institute of Biology

1985 – 1987

Ph.D. Thesis, University of Bonn, Institute of Cytology, supervisor Prof. Dr. K.-E. Wohlfarth-Bottermann


Habilitation, Free University of Berlin, Institute of Biology

Thesis: Symbiotic and Parasitic Protists of Insects

Professional Career

12.1987 – 12.1988

Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Bonn,

01.1989 – 10.1996

Research and Teaching Assistant at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology

10.1996 – 12.1999

Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Heidelberg, Institute of Zoology

01.2000 – 12.2008

Research and Teaching Assistant at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology, Protozoology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K. Hausmann

Since 12.2008

Associate Professor at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology

My main interest are mutualistic and parasitic protists from insects with a special focus on flagellates from lower termites and spore-forming protists fom cockroaches and beetles. Using light, transmission and scanning electron microscopy I study the biodiversity, biology (e.g. life cycles) and structure of protists. Examples are the highly specific associations of termite flagellates and their bacterial ectobionts. In collobaritive proejctes I study host specificity and phylogeny of the symbiotic interactions between protists and prokaryotes.

Current collaborations

Termite flagellates Prof. Dr. Andreas Brune, Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg Assoc. Prof. Dr. Satoko Noda, University of Yamanashi, Japan Insect pathogens Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaman, Karadeniz Technical University of Trabzon, Turkey Prof. Dr. Andreas Linde, University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany Dr. Daniela Pilarska, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Sofia, Bulgaria PD Dr. Kerstin Voigt, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany

Third-party funds

DFG-Project „Die multiplen Symbiosen von Flagellaten und deren bakteriellen Endo- und Ektobionten in Trockenholztermiten: Eine Analyse von Ultrastruktur, Phylogenie und Kospeziation“ zusammen mit Prof. Dr. A. Brune, MPI Marburg (2007 – 2011).

Editorial board member

European Journal of Protistology: 2005 – Acta Protozoologica:2005 – Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2012-2014

Involvement in the organisation of meetings

IX International Congress of Protozoology, 1993 in Berlin 25. Scientific Meeting of the German Society for Protozoology, 2006 in Liebenwalde VI European Congress of Protistology, 2011 in Berlin as Secretary General

Member in learned societies

Berlin Microscopical Society German Society for Protozoology German Society for Parasitology Society for Invertebrate Pathology

Original Papers and Reviews

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