Dr. Mouhammad Shadi Khudr



Address Room 133
Telephone +49-30-838 51567
Email mhdshadi@zedat.fu-berlin.de

I am an evolutionary ecologist working at crossroads of ecology, evolution, genetics and agronomy; with keen interest in the influence of genetic diversity on species interactions.

Currently, my concentration in my postdoctoral fellowship at the Petermann Group, Freie Universität Berlin is fine-tuned on investigating the effects of intra- and inter-specific genetic variation in Arabidopsis on green peach aphid and vice versa — in the light of the soil-community feedback in the proximity of plant hosts. Here, I develop and carry out a multi-facet empirical work with an aim to gradually increase the complexity of the focal trophic system examined.

I have several years’ experience in empirical and theoretical research within the sphere of evolutionary ecology and zoology. Results of my research have been published in the Advances in Ecological Research, Biology Letters, Oecologia, with several manuscripts in submission to peer-reviewed international journals.

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