Information for Students

Highly motivated, exceptional students are always welcome in my lab.

M.Sc. students can complete the 'Project Biology' (10 ECTS, 300h work, Module 70), the 'Research Project Biology' (15 ECTS, 450h work, Module 64) and the M.Sc. thesis (30 ECTS, 900h work) in my lab. For B.Sc. students, it is possible to conduct both the ‘Project and Lab Work’ (13 ECTS, 390h work) and the B.Sc. thesis (12 ECTS, 360h work) in my lab.

Please contact me at least one month before the desired start date of the project. If you want to conduct a M.Sc. thesis involving field work in the Neotropics, please contact me at least six months prior (we need this time span to apply for funding and obtain research permits). M.Sc. students must cover their own expenses for field work, e.g. by applying for a PRMOS stipend.

Students in my lab are expected to attend our weekly group meeting.