Theoretical Neuroscience / Neuroinformatik

This research group does not exist anymore.
Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot moved to the University of Cologne on March 1, 2015. 
New Homepage: Nawrot Lab

We are interested in unraveling principles of information processing in neural systems. In a number of research projects we  focus on two model systems: In the mammalian neocortex we study theoretical principles of neural population coding, system reliability and variability, and motor control. In the insect brain we focus on the dynamics of olfactory processing, and the mechanisms underlying learning, memory formation, and decision making in behavioral paradigms. Central to our approach is the design of mathematical and computational models of neural function and animal behavior. In close collaboration with our experimental partners we perform analysesof physiological and behavioural data and put our models to test.

We are member of the

  • Bernstein Center for Compuational Neuroscience (BCCN) Berlin
  • Dahlem Center for Intelligent Systems (DCIS)
  • Collaborative Research Center Theoretical Biology (SFB 618)
  • Graduate School Sensory Computation in Neural Systems (GRK 1589)
  • Bernstein Focus Neuronal Basis of Learning (BFNL) - Insect Inspired Robots
  • DFG Schwerpunktprogramm Integrative Analysis of Olfaction (SPP 1392)