- new paper -

Pamir E, Szyszka P, Scheiner R and Nawrot MP (2014). Rapid learning dynamics in individual honeybees during classical conditioning. Front. Behav. Neurosci. 8:313. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00313

News from Aug 26, 2014

- Interview SWR 2 Impuls-

Interview 25.2.2014, 16:05h: Künstliche Gehirne für Roboter mit Dr. Tim Landgraf & Prof. Martin Nawrot auf SWR 2 Impuls.

News from Feb 23, 2014

- Interview radio eins RBB-

Prof. M Nawrot im Studio bei radio eins "Die Profis" über Roboter mit Insektengehirn

News from Feb 22, 2014

- Künstliche Gehirne -

Interview im Wissenschaftsmagazin NDR Logo mit Prof. M Nawrot über autonome Roboter mit künstlichen Nervensystemen

News from Feb 21, 2014

- Covered at KurzweilAI -

"Robots with Insect Brains", Interview article with Dr. Tim Landgraf & Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot

News from Feb 14, 2014

- Interview Kulturradio RBB-

Prof. M Nawrot im Studio bei Kulturradio RBB

News from Feb 06, 2014

- new paper in PNAS -

Schmuker, Pfeil, Nawrot: A neuromorphic network for generic multivariate data classification. PNAS, published before print Jan 27, 2014.

News from Jan 27, 2014

- new paper -

Gabler S, Sölter J, Hussain T, Sachse S, Schmuker M (2013) Physicochemical vs. vibrational descriptors for prediction of odor receptor responses. Molecular Informatics 32, pp. 855-865. doi:10.1002/minf.201300037

News from Oct 10, 2013

- new paper -

Farkhooi F, Froese A, Müller E, Menzel R, Nawrot MP (2013) Cellular Adaptation Facilitates Sparse and Reliable Coding in Sensory Pathways. PLoS Computational Biology 9: e1003251; doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003251

News from Oct 03, 2013

- new paper -

Meyer A, Galizia G, Nawrot MP (2013) Local interneurons and projection neurons in the antennal lobe from a spiking point of view - appeared in Journal of Neurophysiology.

News from Sep 13, 2013

- new conference paper -

Helgadottir LI, Haenicke J, Landgraf T, Rojas R, Nawrot MP (2013) Conditioned behavior in a robot controlled by a spiking neural network. 6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, San Diege, USA, Nov 5-8, p. 891 - 894 [PDF] [video]

News from Sep 12, 2013

- new conference paper -

Kasap B and Schmuker M, Improving odor classification through self-organized lateral inhibition in a spiking olfaction-inspired network. Accepted for 6th International Conference on Neural Engineering 2013 (NER2013). PDF

News from Sep 12, 2013

- new publication -

Rost T, Ramachandran H, Nawrot MP, Chicca E (2013) A neuromorphic approach to auditory pattern recognition in cricket phonotaxis Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD), 2013 European Conference on , vol., no., pp.1,4, 8-12 Sept. 2013doi: 10.1109/ECCTD.2013.6662247

News from Sep 08, 2013

- in the media -

Michael Schmuker will be on RBB Info-Radio tomorrow at 10:25, talking about odor space.

News from Sep 02, 2013

- new publication -

Häusler C, Susemihl A, Nawrot MP (2013) Natural image sequences constrain dynamic receptive fields and imply a sparse code. Brain Research 1536: 53-57

News from Aug 30, 2013

- new publication -

„NeuroCopter: Neuromorphic Computation of 6D Ego-Motion of a Quadcopter. Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science“ is published.

News from Aug 14, 2013

Michael Schmuker speaks at CNS 2013 in Paris

News from Jul 01, 2013

- new paper -

"Six networks on a neuromorphic computing substrate" appears in Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering.

News from Jan 21, 2013

- in the press - (update)

Collaborative ArXiv paper on spikey neuromorphic chip gets covered in media.

News from Nov 22, 2012

- new manuscript on arXiv -

Cellular Adaptation Accounts for the Sparse and Reliable Sensory Stimulus Representation. Farkhooi F, Froese A, Muller E, Menzel R, Nawrot MP (2012)

News from Nov 21, 2012