Group photo FU Berlin May 2017

Group members at the FU Berlin:


Dr. Melanie Hillion

PhD in Cell Biology-Microbiology, University of Rouen (France)



Dr. Eberhard Klauck

PhD in Microbiology, Universität Konstanz



Dr. Malek Saleh

PhD in Infection biology, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald



Marcel Imber

Diploma in Biochemistry, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald



Kathleen Klaper

M.Sc. in Biology, Freie Universität Berlin



Quách Ngoc Tung

MSc Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam



Vu Van Loi

MSc in Biology, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam



Leonard Borst

Bachelor student in Biology (Mono-B.Sc.)


Döndü Cegiz

Bachelor student in Biology (Kombi-B.Sc.)


Oliver Krupper

Bachelor student in Biology (Kombi-B.Sc.)


Eduard Lammers

Bachelor student in Biology (Mono-B.Sc.)


Janek Prehn

Bachelor student in Biology (Kombi-B.Sc.)


Thalia Preuß

Bachelor student in Biology (Mono-B.Sc.)


Maria Singer

Bachelor student in Biology (Mono-B.Sc.)


Sandra Wellner

Bachelor student in Biology (Mono-B.Sc.)


Yanlin Wen

Bachelor student in Biochemistry

Former PhD and bachelor students :

Dr. Bui Khanh Chi
PhD thesis 2013, Title: "Regulatory mechanisms of the disulfide stress response and the role of the bacillithiol redox buffer in Gram-positive bacteria"

Dr. Dierk Pöther
PhD thesis 2012, Title: "Proceedings in the thiolome of low GC, Gram-positive bacteria"

Dr. Theresa Winter
PhD thesis 2012, Title: "A proteomic view of protein secretion in Staphylococcus aureus"

Micha Weil
Bachelor thesis 2014, Title: "Transcriptional response of Staphylococcus aureus to hypochlorite"

Sina Lepschies
Bachelor thesis 2013, Title: "Redoxproteomics in response to H2S-donors in Gram-positive bacteria"

Melanie Skibbe
Bachelor thesis 2013, Title: "Redoxproteomics in response to oxidative stress in Pneumococcus"

Sandra Kirsten
Bachelor thesis 2012, Title: "Phenotype analyses of bacillithiol mutant strains"

Stefanie Spiegler
Diploma thesis 2011, Title: "Global analysis of protein acetylation in Gram-positive bacteria"

Paul Waack
Diploma thesis 2011, Title: "Structural and functional characterization of the HypR redox regulator"

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen
PhD thesis 2009, Title: "Genome-wide responses and regulatory mechanisms in response to thiol-reactive electrophiles in Bacillus subtilis"

Dr. Nguyen Van Duy
PhD thesis 2008, Title: "Transcriptomic and proteomic signatures of Bacillus subtilis in response to aromatic compounds"

Dr. Stefanie Töwe
Diploma thesis 2008, Title:" Untersuchungen zur Anpassung von Bacillus subtilis an Phytat und aromatische Substanzen"

Dr. Franziska Schuster
Diploma thesis 2008, Title:"Charakterisierung der redox-sensitiven Regulatoren der MarR/DUF24-familie YodB und YvaP in Bacillus subtilis

Dr. Britta Möhl
Diploma thesis 2008, Title:" Untersuchungen zur thiol-spezifischen oxidativen Streßantwort bei Gram-postitiven Bakterien“

Dr. Le Thi Tam

PhD thesis 2007, Title: "Proteomic signatures of Bacillus subtilis"