Gregor Ratzmann

My research work is based on process and trait-based modelling of savanna landscapes (using the ecohydrological process model EcoHyD). Moreover, we analyse key plant and ecosystem traits and processes with respect to their importance for ecohydrological feedbacks and ecosystem functioning. Besides the modelling approach methods used to analyse ecosystem dynamics include the analysis of remote sensing imagery and field data (plant traits).

The geographic focus of this research is on Namibian savanna rangelands. Key research questions are:

  • How can semi-arid and arid savannas be managed (w.r.t. grazing of cattle and game) sustainably under climate change?
  • Are there key ecohydrological feedback loops and plant/ecosystem traits that can help identifying sustainable management strategies?

PhD Candidate

Address Freie Universität Berlin
Institute of Biology
Altensteinstraße 34
Room 1.05
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 (0)30-838 61147
Email gregor.ratzmann()

Current Project

Sustainable management of ecohydrological feedbacks in savanna systems - the role of plant traits, hydrological fluxes and plant responses to water stress and water availability

Research Interests

My research interests comprise the feedbacks and interactions of ecohydrological processes with climate and land use in savanna ecosystems.