Bsc thesis: Soil aggregation (experimental and modeling)


Start date: open


Short description:

I am looking for an enthusiastic student to undertake research on the exciting topic of soil aggregation. Soil aggregation is a dynamic ecosystem process that is linked to soil fertility. Yet it is commonly overlooked in ecological studies. The Laborarbeit will focus on the laboratory analysis of samples originating from a diversity experiment. The aim of the project is to link variability in observed soil aggregation levels with realized plant productivity as well as with complementarity and selection effects across harvested plant communities. The workload will be approximately ten days of lab work plus the time required for the writing. For the main project you will work on the analysis of a soil de-aggregation experiment. The aim of the project is to model how soil aggregation in the absence of vegetation declines over time. You will assess soil aggregation in harvested soil samples and you will be instructed on how to carry out the modelling. A wide range of statistical techniques will be used for the analysis of the experiments. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed. There are good chances for a publishable outcome of both experiments.