AG Hiesinger

A Classic Brain Wiring Problem: Neural Superposition
published in Cell, July 2, 2015
Review on Neural Superposition [PDF]

Recent Publications

  • Koldkin, A.L. and Hiesinger, P.R. (2017) Wiring visual systems: common and divergent mechanisms and principles. Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 42:128-135. Link
  • Hiesinger, P.R. and Hassan, B.A. (2016) The Tightrope of Mentorship Cell Leading Edge: Voices, 164:1093.
  • Ozel, M.N., Langen, M., Hassan, B.A. and Hiesinger, P.R. (2015)
    Filopodial Dynamics and Growth Cone Stabilization in Drosophila Visual Circuit Development. eLife, e10721Link