Dr. Hanna Weise

Currently, I am studying buffer mechanisms in Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Our study region is the highly biodiverse Eneabba sandplain which is located in Southwest-Australia. The plant community in this ecosystem can tolerate regular disturbances like droughts and fires. But it is an open question how it will be affected by changing disturbance regimes under climate change. Therefore, we study the buffer mechanisms that enable this ecosystem to persist through disturbances (e.g. local water stores).   


Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Adresse Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Biologie
Altensteinstraße 34
Raum 0.06
14195 Berlin
Telefon +49 (0)30-838 71705
Fax +49 (0)30-838 471705
E-Mail hanna.weise()fu-berlin.de

Groeneveld, J., Müller, B., Buchmann, CM. , Dressler,G., Guo,C., Hase, N., Hoffmann,F., John,F. ,Klassert,C., Lauf,T. Liebelt,V., Nolzen,H., Pannicke,N., Schulze,J., Weise,H. and Schwarz,N. (2017): Theoretical foundations of human decision-making in agent-based land use models–A review. Environmental Modelling & Software 87, 39-48.

Schulze, J., Gawel, E., Nolzen, H., Weise, H., & Frank, K. (2016): The expansion of short rotation forestry: characterization of determinants with an agent-based land use model. GCB Bioenergy.

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Müller, B., Bohn, F., Dressler, G., Groeneveld, J., Klassert, C., Martin, R., Schlüter, M., Schulze, J., Weise, H. and Schwarz, N. (2013): Describing human decisions in agent-based models – ODD+ D, an extension of the ODD protocol. Environmental Modelling & Software 48, 37-48.

Weise, H. (2014): Land use change in the context of bioenergy production: Impact assessment using agent-based modeling. PhD Dissertation 06/2014, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. ISSN 1860-0387

Weise, H., Gawel, E. and Frank, K. (2012): Forest vs. Fuel – how could the politically fostered demand for energy crops influence the effectiveness of REDD+ instruments? In: Seppelt, R., Voinov, A.A., Lange, S., Bankamp, D., (eds.) Managing resources of a limited planet: pathways and visions under uncertainty. Proceedings of the sixth biannial meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, Leipzig, Germany, 743 – 750

Current Project

Ecosystem resilience towards climate change – the role of interacting buffer mechanisms in Mediterranean-type ecosystems

Research Interests

  • The effects of global change on ecosystems and socio-ecological systems
  • The resilience concept and mechanistic approaches to the measurement of resilience
  • Agent-based/Individual-based modelling, ecohydrological modelling